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Today 3 incredible talks about hyponatriemia. Everything you need to know in the ED! These talks are the top 3 talks about hyponatriemia from the MNSHA Masterclass: Acute Medical Emergencies. They are in the PechaKucha style, which means 20x20sec talks….so about 6 1/2 minutes.   Nr. 1 is from Klaartje Caminada. She shows the real… Read More »

Anaesthetics – dose adjustments

Dose adjustment of anaesthetics in the morbidly obese. (J. Ingrande, H. Lemmens) Propofol-induction: LBW Etomidate-induction: LBW Fentanyl: LBW (dame for sufentanil and remifentanil) Morfine: IBW Succinylcholine: TBW (in obesity more pseudochlinesterase so more rapid brake down) Rocuronium: IBW (/LBW) Midazolam-induction: TBW http://clincalc.com/Kinetics/ObesityDosing.aspx: Here: propofol: TBW, opposed to I/LBW in other references. How Should Obesity be… Read More »