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Ultrasound is not time-consuming!

In the Netherlands, the majority of Emergency Physicians unfortunately do not use ultrasound frequently at this moment. One of the arguments I often hear is: “I don’t have the time to perform ultrasound at my busy Emergency Department (ED), because there are to many patients to take care of”. Hopefully my case will prove otherwise.… Read More »

Emergency ultrasound case of the month….2014 !! Rest of the case and diagnosis

The ultrasound showed a right kidney with a little bit of hydronefrosis, mild at most, but the “money shot” was in the pelvis .. A large cystic mass with anechoic to hyperechogenic content, some concrement-like structures were also seen within. Right kidney                                       Left kidney Pelvic view The patient was sent to gynaecology where a transvaginal… Read More »

Emergency ultrasound case of the month……2014 !!

From Vincent Rietveld, SEH-arts/ Emergency physician at the Westfriesgasthuis Hoorn, @vindoctwit: Happy new year to all !! Hope you got through december without an ultrasound case of the month on EM Dutch ;-). Here’s one to start of 2014 , I  picked this one up on one of my shifts at the Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn.… Read More »

Emergency Ultrasound Case of November 2013

We are back again with another ultrasound case of the month !! Brought to you by Amber Hoek. Emergency Medicine Resident, HAGA Teaching Hospital, The Hague .  She came across this case during her Emergency Ultrasound Rotation at the Emergency Department of the Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn. A unexpected finding during a routine EFAST….with a brilliant… Read More »