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Ultrasound is not time-consuming!

In the Netherlands, the majority of Emergency Physicians unfortunately do not use ultrasound frequently at this moment. One of the arguments I often hear is: “I don’t have the time to perform ultrasound at my busy Emergency Department (ED), because there are to many patients to take care of”. Hopefully my case will prove otherwise.… Read More »


Today 3 incredible talks about hyponatriemia. Everything you need to know in the ED! These talks are the top 3 talks about hyponatriemia from the MNSHA Masterclass: Acute Medical Emergencies. They are in the PechaKucha style, which means 20x20sec talks….so about 6 1/2 minutes.   Nr. 1 is from Klaartje Caminada. She shows the real… Read More »

In Dutch: a local guideline anafylactic reactions

Hi all, Attached the local guideline anaphylactic reactions in Dutch from Elisabeth hospital, Tilburg, with thanks to Pieter van Driel. A while ago some of us had an email discussion about treatment, especially the role of epinephrine, and when to administer it. Would you mind sharing your local protocols with us on this website? Please contact us… Read More »

Repositie methode distale radius fractuur – een discussie

Hoi allemaal, We willen onze methode van polsreposities (die we nog geheel handmatig doen) herzien op onze seh in het Elisabeth Ziekenhuis. Kunnen jullie me helpen met het volgende: met welke methode reponeren jullie de polsfracturen op jullie seh? Ik bedoel: handmatig, of met een chinese vingers of een katrol of ander apparaat of iets… Read More »