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Emergency ultrasound case of the month….2014 !! Rest of the case and diagnosis

The ultrasound showed a right kidney with a little bit of hydronefrosis, mild at most, but the “money shot” was in the pelvis .. A large cystic mass with anechoic to hyperechogenic content, some concrement-like structures were also seen within. Right kidney                                       Left kidney Pelvic view The patient was sent to gynaecology where a transvaginal… Read More »

Emergency ultrasound case of the month……2014 !!

From Vincent Rietveld, SEH-arts/ Emergency physician at the Westfriesgasthuis Hoorn, @vindoctwit: Happy new year to all !! Hope you got through december without an ultrasound case of the month on EM Dutch ;-). Here’s one to start of 2014 , I  picked this one up on one of my shifts at the Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn.… Read More »