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Hi guys,

know it’s been some time, that monthly thing didn’t quite work out as planned… Lot of things going on, all very exciting and interesting, but it leaves scarce time for my neglected love child, Maascasualty…

Here’s just a quick update on some interesting things I enjoyed recently, if you want to know more about life and work here please send requests on specific topics, I might find time soon to address them!

1. UMEM Conference livestream:
You can now livestream our Wednesday conferences! University of Maryland EM program will livestream their educational conferences and you can watch the lectures later at home or wherever/whenever you please! Including dr. Mattu, Winters, Rogers, Mallemat and all of our other amazing attendings & residents… Hope you guys enjoy (and look out for me in the audience…)

2. Maryland Critical Care project
Amazingamazing critical care resource with great lectures and cutting edge topics. Must-read for all interested in ED critical care

3. ED ECMO project:
nice website with great overview of ED ECMO literature, indications, etc. Probably not available in an ED near you anytime soon, but for sure something to look out for and know about

That would be all for now, please keep in touch and let me know what you guys think!


“De groentjes & tot sinaas” from me & Tu, one of my amazing classmates! (The greens & till orange doesn’t go that well in Dunglish…)

ps. I found this deal online, so when are you guys coming? We still have that sofa bed and now also have HBO GO, don’t know how I ever lived without it…

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