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Skillsmiddag 7 januari voorbereiding

Cardioversie & Transcutaan Pacen Vanaf vandaag staat de voorbereidende leesstof voor de Skillsmiddag van 7 januari 2014 in het WFG voor de opleiding SEG op het besloten deel van deze site. De skillstraining gaat over cardioverteren bij SVT’s en over transcutaan pacen bij symptomatische bradycardieen. Omdat hiervoor de SIMMAN gebruikt wordt in het skillslab is de… Read More »

ECG of the Week – 30th December 2013

This ECG follows on the case of our patient from last week.Following an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest the patient, a 58 yr old male, presented with ROSC.Initial treatment included iv adrenaline infusion and external pacing, followed by placement of a transvenous pacing wire. The resultant ECG is below. Click to enlarge VAQ CornerA 58yr old male is… Read More »

ECG of the Week – 23rd December 2013 – Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 58yr old male who was brought to the Emergency Department following an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The initial rhythm on paramedic arrival was VF, initial DC cardioversion resulted in PEA with ROSC following iv adrenaline. A further episode of pre-hospital VF responded to DC cardioversion.On arrival to the Emergency Department the… Read More »

Pain is NOT the 5th vital sign

Today a short post about PAIN. I recently had a discussion on Twitter about PAIN and pain scores and was interested how you feel about the subject. So please answer the poll below. I was always taught that PAIN is the 5th vital sign, next to heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature….and I… Read More »


Here’s an interesting 12-lead ECG and rhythm strip from a 66 yo male with dyspnea and a fever, with a yet undefined proces in the right lung. Interpret en describe the ECG/rhythm strip.  More on this case will follow in two weeks. Rene